It’s not BSides without the pool party! Drink, eat, and float around the Tuscany’s fantastic pool while listening to DJ Dead, Jackalope, An Hobbes, and Circuit Static playing all of the best music you’ve never heard before. Don’t forget your swimsuit and conference badge!

Not a formal 12-step meeting. Rather, a support gathering for folks taking Summer Camp one day at a time.

Tues and Wed, 8-9:30 pm in G103. Look for the sign on a patio on the pool side of G and enter through the patio door.

Sing, yell, rap or just mumble your favorite party songs all night long! Join us Tuesday night in Pub 365 for hours of singing with Tina and your favorite hackers

CQ CQ CQ! Always wanted to get a new flannel shirt and pair of suspenders, and join the ranks of certified hams? Write a short test and get access to experiment on spectrum from 135.7kHz to the moon, up to 1.5kW on parts! Run wifi with extra power on empty frequencies. Annoy your neighbours with an antenna they can’t make you take down! Offering technician, general, and extra, free of charge. Most licenses are issued within one day.

Testing will be available in the Tuscany room on Wednesday August 7th from 18:00 – 18:55

Made possible by a generous grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Public Ground will foster greater inclusion in public policy dialogs by building lasting bridges between the cybersecurity research, public policy, and journalist communities. This space will facilitate “office hours” to bring together, “birds of a feather,” for high-trust, high-collaboration engagement.

WHERE: BSidesLV Happy Hour mainstage

WHAT: See your favorite hackers/code crackers/channel slackers in the inaugural 2-day event of Standup Comedy

WHO: The comedic styles of Bryson Bort, Munin, 5urv1va7rix, JoshJay, MasterChen, SciaticNerd, Larci Robertson, JoJoBabie.

Happy Hour 1: First time comedians bring the comedy. Crowd favorite earns a slot in Happy Hour 2.

Happy Hour 2: First night’s champ, plus a lineup of experienced hacks/comedians you know and love with a special guest!


Click here to see more about our comedians

Want to try your hand at the art of lockpicking? Come visit the Lockpick Village! We bring the locks and picks. All you’ll need is a sense of curiosity.

We’ll also have contests and beginner sessions on both days of the conference. All skill levels are welcome, as volunteers will be on hand to help you get started.

Beginner sessions will be held at 11:30 each day. If you’re feeling competitive, drop by for one of the contests held at 16:00 daily!

The Main Stage in Florentine C & D is ground zero for all of our off-track activities. Ongoing announcements, music and other surprises will happen throughout the conference. Stop in, and relax, talk with your friends, visit our charities, sponsors, friendly staff, or just enjoy the music.

Join us for the Trace Labs OSINT CTF for Missing Persons Challenge!

Each day we will present 8 real missing persons for you to track and submit Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) into our CTF platform.

Prizes awarded at the end of the day include licenses for Hunchly, the software every OSINT operator needs, and a variety of Trace Labs swag items!

This is a fantastic opportunity to get into the OSINT community, learn intelligence gathering, and to become a hero. Get your team together or work individually and join us at the Trace Labs table in the contest area to get started.

How is the Missing CTF Different from Other CTFs?

In the information security community, a typical CTF will be of a technical nature where “flags” are hidden within pre-configured servers/virtual machines that contestants have to obtain using hacking techniques to gain points. The Missing CTF differs from this by having different OSINT flag categories based off pieces of information that law enforcement would look to gather to aid in a missing persons investigation.

What is Trace Labs?

Trace Labs is a non-profit organization whose mission is to crowdsource the collection of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to generate new leads on active missing persons investigations.

Check out our site and follow us on Twitter @TraceLabs to find out more information about what we do.

Pros vs Joes is a Capture the Flag event where inexperienced users learn from seasoned professionals in a fierce competition of attack and defend.  Blue Teams of Joes work with Pro Captains to compete against other defending Teams, protecting horrifically vulnerable networks from assault by a dangerous and relentless Professional Red Team.  For two days the battle will rage on an ethereal field rife with desktops and servers, Linux and Windows, systems and software both old and new. On day one, Blues lock down their systems against the onslaught.  On day two, Blue Teams turn Purple and can go offensive, attacking the other competing teams. After the dust settles each day, Blue and Red discuss events to help further mentoring and learning of defensive and offensive tradecraft.  Come witness the teams do battle after weeks of preparation. Only the strongest will survive, but all will learn and have fun!

Learn more

Queercon is excited to be part of BSides Las Vegas again this year. Join us Tuesday night at the Tuscany pool from 8:30 PM until 11:00 for the Queercon BSides Mixer!

Check in to the Quiet Room to relax and step away from the usual conference hustle. Open during the day, this space is reserved for people who need a quiet environment to recharge, think, or just rest their ears.

THE Security BSides Las Vegas Meet-Up for current organizers of existing Security BSides events. Come meet and mingle with your fellow security cultists.

Join us Tuesday at 19:00 in the Sienna room.

What was new and improved last year, is now revised for our 10th anniversary!

After raising $7500 for our charity partners in 2018, we’re looking to blow that number out of the water this time around.

This year the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Diana Initiative will be joined by the No Starch Foundation, and the United Way of Southern Nevada. Our charity partners do so much good in the community, let’s show them how grateful we are by winning slick prizes and sniping winning bids.

Raffles will have three draws during Happy Hour each day, and at the closing ceremonies. To enter the raffle, purchase tickets by making donations right at the table and them in the draw boxes for each drawing. You must be present during the drawing to win.

Silent Auction bidding officially closes at 1900h on Wednesday, just before the closing ceremonies. To win, you must be present at the time of the auction, and you must be able to make payment by cash or PayPal. Any other questions? Want to donate something to the raffle or silent auction? Drop by our table in Middle Ground and let us know.

“We keep screwing up, and yet they keep asking us to return.”

The New Hacker Pyramid returns yet again at BSidesLV 2019. Join us for games, drinks, and retro-fun. There will be prizes, audience participation, a number of secret guest appearances, and an EXTRA SPECIAL EVENT that you will have to be there to see! Things are so secret WE don’t even know what they are!

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