Sneha N Rajguru

Sneha works as Senior Security Consultant with Payatu Software Labs LLP. Her interests lies in web, mobile application security and fuzzing. She has discovered various security flaws within various open source applications such as PDFLite, Jobberbase, Lucidchart and more. She has spoken and provided trainings at various conferences such as DEFCON, DEFCON CHINA, BSides LV, BSidesVienna, OWASP AppSec USA, DeepSec, DefCamp, FUDCon, and Nullcon. Sneha is passionate about promoting and encouraging Women in Security and has founded an initiative called WINJA-CTF through which she hosts women-only CTFs and Workshops at conferences and other events. Sneha is also active in the local security community and hosts local security meetups in Pune. She leads the Pune chapter of null community.