Rodrigo “Sp0oKeR” Montoro

    Rodrigo “Sp0oKeR Montoro has 18 years experience deploying open source security software (firewalls, IDS, IPS, HIDS, log management) and hardening systems. Currently he is Senior Security Engineer & Researcher at Neoway. Previously worked as SOC/Researcher at Clavis, Senior Security Administrator at Sucuri. Also worked as a Researcher at Spiderlabs, focusing on IDS/IPS Signatures, Modsecurity rules, and new detection research. Author of two patents involving discovery of malicious digital documents and analyzing malicious HTTP traffic. Rodrigo is currently coordinator and Snort evangelist for the Brazilian Snort Community. Rodrigo has spoken at a number of open source and security conferences (OWASP AppSec, Toorcon (USA), H2HC (Sao Paulo and Mexico), SecTor (Canada) , CNASI, SOURCE Boston & Seattle, SANS DFIR, ZonCon (Amazon Internal Conference), BSides (Las Vegas and São Paulo), Black Hat Brazil).