Hire Ground Camp Counselors

Congratulations on realizing that we all need some help with our career search! We have two groups of camp counselors ready to assist you.

Each camp counselor has set up a scheduling link () for one-on-one sessions. Select a link and see what time is best for you!

Career Coaching

Career coaches are established community professionals who will give you honest commentary on what to look for next in your career or help you strategize how to overcome certain challenges.

  • Vince Romney 12-2pm
    Avid proponent of security-as-a-lifestyle and practitioner of IT security for over 20 years across both military and civilian organizations.
  • Kat Sweet 12-6pm
    Security professional, educator, and leader building a strong security culture rooted in trust, empathy, and empowerment.
  • Pablo Breuer 12-2pm
    Long time community volunteer who is great at Battleship.
  • Bob Grouley 2-4pm
    Experienced CTO, author and entrepreneur with extensive past performance in enterprise IT, corporate cybersecurity and data analytics.
  • Kevin Mau 2-4pm
    A well versed packet hunter
  • Kevin Babcock 2-4pm
    Business-oriented cybersecurity leader with more than twenty years' experience leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) projects
  • Jennifer Havermann 2-6pm
    Tribe of hackers honoree

Resume Review

Resume reviewers are technical recruiters in our community who are setting aside 30 minutes to review your resume and give you the straight scoop on how to improve your resume.

  • Christine Winchester 12-2pm
    Long time community technical recruiter who likes marshmellows.
  • Jamal Drake 12-2pm
    Tech recruiter who can tell really good campfire stories.
  • Jesse Gonzales 2-4pm
    Tech recruiter who understands the value of a slip knot.
  • Josh Madrid 2-4pm
    Tech recruiter who enjoys the great outdoors from the comfort of his tent.
  • Suzie Grieco 4-6pm
    Tech recruiter with a great laugh and awesome smile.
  • Jason Hursey 4-6pm
    West coast tech recruiter with an amazing boss.