BSides Las Vegas Code of Conduct

We have ZERO TOLERANCE for harassment of any kind, in any space we host. Our normal COC still applies, even online.

We strive to create an environment that encourages the free and open sharing of ideas. We’ve created a home at BSides Las Vegas and have invited you all inside to be inspired and educated. It is impossible to keep the free and open sharing of ideas without risking someone getting their feelings hurt. We don’t expect adult and professional behavior at all times; a little mischief can be fun. We do however, expect you to be respectful of our space and our other invited guests.

In the end it is up to us, the organizers of BSides Las Vegas, to define bad behavior. If you are engaging in bad behavior (e.g. heckling or haranguing speakers, spamming, or trolling), you will be given a warning that your behavior is not acceptable. If you continue, you will be banned from the server.

Unless, of course, your bad behavior is so egregious that it warrants immediate ejection. Nudity and/or sexual situations, blood, or gore will not be tolerated in any video or images. If someone is engaging with you in a way that makes you afraid or uncomfortable, please inform a member of our Moderator or Staff teams, who will have the proper roles on Discord, including red or purple colored names. You can right-click on a name, and select roles to see their access levels.

TL;DR Do not be an ass or we will kick your ass out, and we’re the final arbitrators of what being an ass means.