HackerWood Squares (brought to you by our friends from the 10,000 cent Hacker Pyramid)

We’re back, despite closed borders, metric, hangovers, and an ongoing penchant for pretending that french fries, cheese curds and gravy are a meal. This year is a little different- Join the Hacker Pyramid crew and our 9 invited guests for a game where our somewhat-randomly selected contestants have to figure out if they’re really that smart, or bluffing their way through things. (20:00 PST, Stream One)

The Camp Stay At Home Challenge

Instead of the usual shennanigans, we’ve carefully assembled a few things for you to figure out. The first one is how you’re going to play- you’ll need some other campers (3-7, ideally), and you’ll need to find the camp. Some of the staff can help you with that, but you’ll need to figure out who. Once you’re there, our puzzle master has left you a map that should lead you to where you need to go. Good luck, campers, and remember: it’s not cheating to read the source code!

BSidesLV not a pool party party

Live from somewhere in the desert, join Keith Meyers and his special guests for the exact opposite of a pool party, in your living room. We guarantee that if you’re not moved to dance, you will at least be moved to party! (22:00PM PST, Stream One)

Lockpick Video Village

For the first time ever, the BSidesLV Lockpick village team will be running instructional videos on lockpicking- check them out in between talks, read our handy instruction manual and come chat with us in the lockpick-village discord channel.


Pros vs Joes is a Capture the Flag event where inexperienced users learn from seasoned professionals in a fierce competition of attack and defend. Blue Teams of Joes work with Pro Captains to compete against other defending Teams, protecting horrifically vulnerable networks from assault by a dangerous and relentless Professional Red Team. For two days the battle will rage on an ethereal field rife with desktops and servers, Linux and Windows, systems and software both old and new. On day one, Blues lock down their systems against the onslaught. On day two, Blue Teams turn Purple and can go offensive, attacking the other competing teams. After the dust settles each day, Blue and Red discuss events to help further mentoring and learning of defensive and offensive tradecraft. Come witness the teams do battle after weeks of preparation. Only the strongest will survive, but all will learn and have fun!