SSH (Super Soaked Hackers) Water Balloon fight #2


On Tuesday night, around 7:15, we’ll again be commandeering part of the Tuscany parking lot, for a good old-fashioned water balloon fight! We’ve purchased 1000 water balloons from Bunch O’ Balloons, but feel free to bring more! (Bunch O’ Balloons will be the only balloons allowed, for quality control purposes and must be filled from the BSidesLV Security Operations controlled water spigot.)

For just a $20 buy-in per person, you can participate in the water balloon fight until we run out of balloons! Buy-in will be Tuesday evening, at the fight site, cash only. We’re also allowing super soakers, water pistols and other water fight toys, for an extra $10 buy-in cost, since you’ll have an obvious advantage. (Must bring your own toys.) There are no losers in this fight, as everyone will end up being a Super Soaked Hacker!

There will be a designated Soak Zone and observers outside of that zone are off-limits. You will receive one warning, if you deviate from the rules. On a second infraction, you will be removed from the fight – NO REFUNDS!

Come join us for a much needed cool down after a long day in Vegas, before we get ready for the QueerCon Mixer at the pool at 7:30!

All monies collected from this event will go to benefit Hak4Kidz. Much thanks to @healwhans and @queercon for helping us with the logistics, planning and promotion of this event.

Want to help us promote? Use the hashtag #SSH along with #BSidesLV

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