I Am The Cavalry

BSides Las Vegas and I Am The Cavalry are partnering again in 2017, for a unique two-day track, examining security issues that affect public safety and human life.
Society’s dependence on connected technology is growing faster than our ability to secure it, especially in areas impacting human life, public safety, national security, and economic prosperity. More and more, we are seeing evidence that the Cavalry isn’t coming to save us – a realization that is both scary and empowering. It falls to all of us. We are all the Cavalry.
Where our domain overlaps with others, we must gather teammates and forge an alliance. We will lay bare some uncomfortable truths that may command uncomfortable approaches. Security researchers are uniquely poised to understand some of the hardest problems of our time, and willing teammates equip us to confront them. This track will gather ambassadors from diverse backgrounds and fields, with a common objective to be *safer, sooner, together*.
See I Am The Cavalry or @iamthecavalry for more information.
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