BSidesLV Podcast is here!


This Saturday, 09Jan, @cnimbus and @banasidhe will be hosting the first official BSidesLV Podcast. Starting at 14:00 UTC-7, we’ll be chatting with Tottenkoph and Moey around 14:30, about the Proving Ground Speaker Development Program and the recently opened Call For Mentors, while taking questions from the community, live. You can tweet your questions to either @BSidesLV or @BSidesLVRadio with the hashtag #PGSDP, before 14:00 UTC-7 on 09Jan and we’ll read them on-air. In addition to Tottie and Moey, we hope to have a very special guest for you, but you’ll have to tune in, to find out who!
The podcast is becoming a regular feature of BSidesLV Radio. We’ll be recording a new episode live every other Saturday and releasing the recordings on Sundays. We’ll be interviewing BSidesLV department leads, sponsors, speakers, announcing upcoming BSidesLV dates, announcing other BSides event information and chatting about recent InfoSec news, over the course of an hour. We hope you’ll join us!

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