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What is the Pros V Joes CTF?

This event is an opportunity for average users (Joes) to try their hand at both the offensive and defensive side of computer security. For the Pros, it’s a chance to hone and show off their skills, helping others to learn and better themselves. It’s also a lot of fun.

Joes are split up into teams, each with a Pro captain, and given their own network to defend against the other Pros in our Red Cell. Each team’s network is full of servers and desktops running Windows, Linux, your standard services like DNS, Web, Mail, and others. Of course, there will be more than a few surprises…

Pros V Joes is linking up with SE CTF!

This year, the Pros V Joes CTF will be working together with the Social Engineering CTF at BSides LV. This will add a new and exciting dimension to the classical bits and bytes hacking of PvJ. Now, Pros and Joes alike will have to also handle their physical security and their OPSEC. Social Engineering players will have the challenge of trying to deal with a live organization of defenders that are trying to protect their information. Red Cell players of PvJ will have to choose a side (or not… 😉
For two days, players will attack and defend in live networks, breaking into each other’s systems to steal flags for fame and glory. Each team is provided with their own network that is full of servers and workstations to defend. All of this gear is housed in a dedicated and isolated network that we affectionately call the Gaming Grid. Players need only bring a laptop to connect to the environment with. (Laptops will not be in the line of fire).


Are you a Pro? Sign up here: Pro Registration Form

Are you a Joe? Sign up here: Joe Registration Form


Looking for more information before you decide? Hit up @dichotomy1 on twitter and he’ll fill you in! Or check out their website.