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2015 Puzzle Challenges

This year, we have six puzzles that were developed in cooperation with Squirrels in a Barrel and 666 Records. We’ll release a new puzzle every month, on 1st Wednesdays, at noon PDT, starting on April 1st. In June, we’ll move to every other Wednesday. The puzzle winner for each round will receive:

  • One BSidesLV “Rock” Badge
  • 5 Raffle Tickets
  • A +1 to the Wednesday night Pool Party
  • One “I helped make BSidesLV ROCK” T-Shirt
  • Two meal tickets for the Chill-out room Buffet

Puzzle #1 – Released April 1st
bsideslv-2015-puzzle-1-001a (1)


Puzzle #2 – Released May 6th





Puzzle #3 – Released June 3rd




Puzzle #4 – Released June 17th



Puzzle #5 – To be released July  1st


Puzzle #6 – To be released July 15th