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A BSides London “Rookie Track” mentee offers tips and personal insight from his first talk.





For the past few weeks, I’ve been working towards delivering a presentation at the BSides…»Read the full article

BSidesLV 2013 Logo ‘n’ Slogan Contest

Questions for you: Are you gifted in the art of one liners? Are you possessing SKILLZ in graphic design/manipulation? Do you have a need for a badge for BSidesLV 2013 (or know someone who does)?

If two or more of the above items applies to you or someone you know, pay attention:

Submit your entries…»Read the full article

Wherein our own Jack Daniel has a few words for first time speakers and encourages you to submit to Proving Ground.


You know stuff. Share it. We’ll help.

You know stuff, you’ve seen interesting things, done interesting research, have a unique perspective.  You also know that the ability to communicate effectively deliver your message to an audience is critical to professional success.  But you haven’t spoken at a major event, and you need…»Read the full article

New Website!

Welcome to the new BSidesLV website.