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As we mentioned on twitter last week (and you may or may not have caught), this year’s badge style will support ribbons. The idea came about at SOURCEConf Boston this spring, when Dildog and Stacy Thayer whipped-out the “Computer Geek” ribbons.





There have been several conferences that we’ve…»Read the full article

Logo Contest Follow-up

You may have noticed that we recently changed our twitter icon. For the past few years, BSidesLV has held a contest on twitter, to come up with the year’s Logo. The Logo lands on the badge, the tshirts, the printing and basically sets the theme for the conference. The winner gets their artwork displayed all…»Read the full article

FUN WITH WEBSOCKETS USING SOCKPUPPET – The second installment of the Tripwire series of BSidesLV Proving Ground Speaker interviews, by Anthony M. Freed


MAY 28, 2013 9:00 PM PUBLISHED BY 


Security BSides Las Vegas – which will be held on July 31st & August 1st – is fast approaching, and we are continuing our series highlighting some of the fantastic presentations that are slated for…»Read the full article

So you want to present – Cross-posted w/permission from Jericho

So you want to present… June 7, 2013 by  in GripesInfoSec and tagged , | …»Read the full article

OMENSCAN – The first installment of the Tripwire series of BSidesLV Proving Ground Speaker interviews, by Anthony M. Freed



MAY 22, 2013 9:00 PM PUBLISHED BY 

Security BSides Las Vegas – which this year will be held at the Tuscany Suites & Casino on July 31st & August 1st – is…»Read the full article

BSidesLV Badge Challenge 3 w/answer

Our third challenge was a columnar transposition cipher, whose Key was LASVEGAS, which gave you 8 columns reordered to 5 1 6 8 3 4 2 7. 


Deciphered was: InthetradethelegitimatetradeIv eneverdonepornowecalltherawpro ductdrydreamsDrydreamsareneura loutputfromlevelsofconsciousne ssthatmostpeoplecanonlyaccessi nsleepButartiststhekindIworkwi thattheAutonomicPilotareableto breakthesurfacetensiondivedown deepdownandoutoutintoJungsseaa ndbringbackwelldreamsKeepitsim pleIguesssomeartistshavealways donethatinwhatevermediumbutneu roelectronicsletsusaccesstheex perienceandthenetgetsitallouto nthewiresowecanpackageitsellit watchhowitmovesinthemarketWell themorethingschangeThatssometh ingmyfatherlikedtosayemailpass wordtacoswarmtobanasidheatbsid eslvdotorg  

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BSidesLV Badge Challenge 2 w/answer

On 15May, @mrtoph once again wote us another challenge for you to solve in exchange for a badge. This challenge was this password protected .zip file, followed by the clue:

Writing a zip cracker would get you through the 57 password protected .zip files to a cryptic message that said “You know…»Read the full article

BSidesLV Puzzle Challenge 1 w/answer

As promised, (although a few days late) here is the first BSidesLV Challenge Puzzle, provided by @mrtoph:

The link brought you to this picture:

Changing the extention to .zip and unzipping gets you this .wav file:


Open the file and run it through an audio editor. (We used Audacity.)

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