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Silent Auction

Welcome to the 2015 BSidesLV Silent Auction supporting the EFF, Hackers for Charity, Hak4Kidz, and OWASP! Browse our items below, share them on social media, and most importantly, get your bids in before the online auction ends at 6:30pm PST on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015.

In order to bid on items, you will need to register for an account. You must use a valid email address as it will email you a password. The website also uses two-factor authentication with codes sent to the email used for registration. Occasionally, the screen asking for the two-factor code displays as a plain black box with a text entry field. Authentication will still be successful with the correct code if this happens. Sorry for the bug!

If you are bidding on any physical (not conference tickets) items and you will not be at the BSides Closing Ceremony at 7pm on Wednesday, August 5th to pick the items up in person, there will be a shipping charge added to the winning bid amount. If you are in Las Vegas, please make arrangements to pick your items up as soon as bidding closes. Contact information will be sent to you if you have the winning bid.

Some items (noted in the individual item descriptions) will be bid on live and in person at the BSidesLV Closing Ceremony at 7:00pm Wednesday, August 5th. If you wish to ensure that you will win, you (or a friend you trust with your money) will need to be present at the Closing Ceremony.