Slogan Contest

The BSidesLV 2022 Slogan is… “Back to the breach”

BSidesLV 2022 logo

Congratulations to our winner @r00tkillah

Rules of the contest:

Entries will only be considered if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The slogan must be in the form of a CAPTION for our 2022 logo shown on the top of this page.
  2. Keep your entry SFW.
  3. Keep your entry to a manageable length. It should be able to be read at a glance. Make sure your tweet is publicly viewable.


Now, how do you submit?

  1. Submit your entries on Twitter using the hashtag #BSidesLVSlogan
  2. One entry per tweet. We mean it. If you put multiple entries in one tweet, our parser is going to run it all together and it will not meet the criteria above.
  3. Get your entries in by 00:01 Pacific Time May 16th, 2022.

What does the winner get?

  • ONE (1) Donor Badge (or equivalent),
  • ONE (1) Limited Edition “BSidesLV” TShirt,
  • 15 raffle tickets
  • +1 for the BSidesLV after party on Wednesday night

How is the winner chosen?

All qualifying entries will be anonymized and compiled for a first cut vote by the BSLV staff. The BSidesLV community will then be able to vote on their favorite four slogans of the 20 that made the cut via a poll that will be published on social media from May 24th - May 28th, 2022. Author of the top vote-getting slogan will be contacted via Twitter.

Good luck!