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Slogan Contest


Questions for you:

  1. Are you gifted in the art of one liners?
  2. Do you have a need for a badge for BSidesLV 2016 (or know someone who does)?


Submit your entries to the BSidesLV 2016
Slogan Contest!

The winner will be receive the following:

  • ONE (1) ROCK Donor Badge,
  • ONE (1) Limited Edition “I Helped Make BSidesLV ROCK” TShirt,
  • 5 raffle tickets
  • +1 for the BSidesLV after party on Wednesday night
  • 4-pack of meal tickets


Slogan Contest: COMING SOON

  • Submit SLOGAN via Twitter, using the hashtag #BSidesLVSlogan OR
  • Submit via email to bsideslvlogocontest (at) gmail (dot) com

Slogan information:

Not to crush your creative juices, but…

  • Please keep your slogan to a manageable length. (This will be decorating swag, and nobody likes to have to stop and spend 10 minutes reading a sticker)
  • Consider if your slogan is SFW. We want people to be able to display their BSidesLV gear wherever they are!
  • Slogan contest closes on 17 February, so get your entries in now!

Enter early, enter often. There’s no limit on number of entries per person.

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