About BSides Las Vegas

As some of you are aware, there have been some major changes in the BSides organization in the past few months. One of these changes is that Chris Nickerson stepped down from the Board of Directors of BSides global, and Gene Kim has taken his place. Another is that BSidesLV has broken off from the parent organization. We are now completely autonomous in our planning and execution, and we have a spiffy new Board of Directors to boot:

  • GK Southwick (@banasidhe)
  • GK has been loosely involved in the hacker community for almost 20 years. She ran the BSidesLV Safety & Security crew for BSidesLV II & III and is looking forward to the challenges of taking on the roles of Producer and Chairman of the Board. GK has an extensive background in event planning and execution and can't think of a better way to use her skills than helping to organize one of her favorite conferences.

  • Jack Daniel (@jack_daniel)
  • Yep, Jack is still with us. No way Vegas was going to let him go, as he's the glue that binds this community together.

  • Joshua Marpet (@quadling)
  • Josh has been involved in the hacker community since 1997 and has been active with BSidesLV since the beginning. He presented at BSidesLV I and has assisted in organizing the BSidesLV volunteer crew. He is also instrumental in helping his fiance produce BSidesDE. Josh is taking on the role of Secretary for BSidesLV. We're very excited to have him on the Board.